Wrap Around Child Care – Can It Benefit Your Child?

Wrap Around Child Care

A wrap around Child Care program is one that provides care for Children before and after the set times and days for early years education determined by the governement.

Therefore an example of Wrap Around Child Care would be for Children to be taken into a Breakfast Club before school hours. The Child care nursery or pre-school facility would then ensure the Child is taken to School when it opens for the day.

When the last bell rings at School…

The Child Care Nursery Staff would collect the Child or Children from their respective Schools and take them back to the Nursery where the Children would be given a light snack and cared for until You the Parent finished work and takes your Child home…That’s the After School Club.

Wrap Around Child Care

Wrap Around Child Care - Fun, Fun, Fun!

Wrap Around Child Care For Holidays and Teacher Training Days

Wrap around child care can also be very helpful to you if you cannot get time off to correspond with your Childs’ School:

  • Holidays
  • Half-Term
  • Teacher Training Days
  • School power shortages

Yes, we as Child Care Providers want you to know that Child care can be VERY convenient for you to fit in with your working patterns.

Let’s face it, you have enough to think about just making ends meet these days, so it’s OUR job to make sure Your Child gets the best service we can supply.

Our Staff at Happidayz Nursery do one thing REALLY well…why?

Because they are highly trained and actually “love their work”. Why wouldn’t they, your Children create great fun and enjoyment for the Staff that quite simply is priceless to us 🙂

So…hopefully you can see the real benefits of “Wrap Around Child Care” and why it can be a very re-assuring way for you to know your Child is cared for in a friendly and stimulating environment…Nursery Child Care at its best!

If you’d like to know more…why not pick up the phone and call Nicola our highly trusted and very friendly Nursery Manager.

You can reach her on (Rotherham) 01709 560303

or email us.

Hope to see you soon.


Update 2015:
Happidayz continues to provide a Holiday Club for your Child when School is closed, however the demand for “Wrap around Childcare” has deminished substantially, therefore it is no longer provided.

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