Healthy Eating for Kids-Nursery Prospectus-Page7

Healthy Eating for Kids with special recipes Healthy eating is promoted in a positive way for all Children within Happidayz Nursery School. We try our best to cater to each and every Childs individual tastes and are aware of their allergies. All special meals are catered for which you as a Parent can relax knowing […]

Sickness And Illness at Nursery-Nursery Prospectus-Page5

Sickness And Illness at Nursery We aim to help guard Children and all Adults from Infectious diseases. The Nursery reserves the right to refuse admission to any Child who appears unwell on arrival at the nursery. Therefore Parents are asked for their co-operation in keeping sick Children at home to reduce the spread of Sickness […]

Nursery Prospectus – Key Worker System – Page 2

Key Worker System We operate a System at Happidayz where each Child is assigned a member of Staff. That Staff member will meet the needs of that particular Child. That member of Staff will work with the Child closely and be mindful of that Childs needs, wants and ongoing development as part of the child […]