Help With Childcare Costs-Nursery Prospectus-Page8

Help With Childcare Costs-Nursery Prospectus-Page8 Tax credits, Working Tax credits, NEF, Childcare Vouchers, Sure Start, You name it,we’ll do our very best to help! Childcare in a top class nursery is not as expensive as people think! Do you know that we have kept our prices down for almost 6 years now, just to make […]

Nursery Prospectus – Childs Place – Page 3

Happidayz Now Has 5 Themed Rooms 1. Butterfly room – (0 – 1 year) 2. Buttercup Room – (1 – 2 years) 3. Buzzy Bee Room – (2 – 3 years) 4. Ladybird Room – (3 – 5 years) 5. Holiday Club Room – (5 – 13 years) Butterfly Room 0 – 1 Year, aka […]

Nursery Prospectus – Key Worker System – Page 2

Key Worker System We operate a System at Happidayz where each Child is assigned a member of Staff. That Staff member will meet the needs of that particular Child. That member of Staff will work with the Child closely and be mindful of that Childs needs, wants and ongoing development as part of the child […]

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Hello, I’m Trina, the Nursery Manager at Happidayz Nursery in Rotherham Are You looking for a quality, caring childcare nursery for your Child? Worried about how well your Child will be cared for while in nursery? Do You need to return to work to keep up your standard of living? Or, do you simply want […]