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Happidayz Daycare Nursery is based in Masbrough, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, very close to the Town Centre but with ample off-road parking for Parents to drop off and pick up their Children. We are 2 minutes walk from the former “Millmoor Football Club” of Rotherham United, (since re-located to the Don Valley Stadium – Sheffield).

Happidayz was opened in the “Millenium Year” of 2000 on the 15th. January 2000, (just happens to co-incide with Tina’s Sons Birthday, Tina being the Nurserys “Responsible Person”.

We have become known as the “Child Daycare Nursery” by local people, and Happidayz was a welcome boost to Masbrough and local residents were very pleased to hear the sound of Childrens play and laughter while on outdoor play activities.

Happidayz is registered for 108 Children and the Daycare Nursery is “large” with a self-contained Baby Room we call the “Butterfly Room”, an ample sized “1-2 year olds” room known as the “Buttercup Room”.

We then have a Room, Wetplay area  and Dining/Indoor Play area used by our “2-3 year olds called the “Buzzy Bee Room”.

Moving through the second reception area we arrive at the 3-5 year olds room the “Ladybird Room”. This is divided into 2 sections the “Ladybird Room” and “Ladybird Room Home Corner”, which can be opened into one room easily to accommodate more children during morning sessions.

Our Nursery also cares for “After School” children who stay with us daily from School till their Parents finish work and come to collect them. We like them to have a fun and relaxed time here, doing homework if they wish or simply playing games, snooker, drawing, creative activities, basically anything they’d like to do to make their time enjoyable.

When School’s Out! we invite Parents to bring their Children to our “Holiday Club” which we keep open ALL year round. We cover “Teacher training days” and days when the Schools Boiler breaks down and Parents are panicking thinking they may have to take a day off… no, you don’t… just let them come to Happidayz, we’ll take care of them 🙂

To close I’d like to say that we try hard to ensure Children are eating Healthier today and have a varied and high choice menu. We cater for Vegetarians, Special Diets and Food in line with Religious beliefs…

ALL Children are respected at Happidayz, there is no room for any form of racism in todays nursery environment and we highly respect Parents wishes.

If you’d like to come down and see what Happidayz is all about, then why not call Nicola our Manager for an informal visit that suits you!

You can reach Nicola on 01709 560303 between the hours of 9-5pm.

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TEL: 01709  560303



CALL Nicola if you would like to know more…

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