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Why Choose the Best Child Care Nursery from a Childcare Service Provider Like Happidayz Nursery?

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Because…we appreciate that, deciding which Child Care Nursery is the best for their Child can cause great concerns for you the Parent. We have tried to compile lots of really useful information here on to give you a solid feel for the kind of child care we provide for your Child here at this Child Care Nursery in Rotherham.


Child Care Nursery Staff

We pride ourselves on giving Your Child an eventful and happy day that you could wish for,
which is backed up by a Great Team of enthusiastic professionals…our wonderful, caring Staff, which helps to make Happidayz one of the best child care nursery providers here in Rotherham.

Learning through Play at or Child Care Nursery

Our Staff are in continual and constant training…why, because they know that to be the Best, you have to keep on top of the current and ever changing legislation in “Child Care Development in our Child Care Nursery here at Happidayz”

ALL staff have a warm and caring approach and genuinely understand the needs of Children in a child care nursery. Staff take great pride in their role at Happidayz Nursery and want to ensure that each and every Child has the Best experience in their development throughout their learning journey here with us.

Our nursery room ratios set by Ofsted, are there to benefit your Child to ensure they receive close attention throughout the day, making it easy, enjoyable, educational and above all “fun” to be in Happidayz Child Care Nursery. Good ratios also help Staff to see signs of any bullying, which does happen even in very young Children, so the correct procedures can be implemented very quickly, to enable the child care from a Childcare Service Provider like Happidayz Nursery, to operate at maximum efficiency.

Striving to be one of the

Best Child Care Nursery Providers

in Rotherham

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You can access our child care nursery prospectus, and the ofsted reports on this website, for more proof of why we try to be the “Best Child Care Nursery” for your “peace of mind”. This enables your Child to¬†enjoy learning and being cared for in a quality child care nursery environment. Our Nursery Manager is just a Phone call away should you have any concerns. We keep some wonderful testimonials from Parents in Nursery which you can see any time you decide to visit us. Hope you enjoy your experience here and we look forward to welcoming You and Your Child into Happidayz Child Care Nursery.

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You can talk with The Nursery Manager directly, if you have any questions…

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Don’t forget to check out our Child Care Nursery Prospectus.
There are pages for each Child Care Nursery Group, ie. Babies 0-1 yr old,
Buttercups 1-2 year olds,
Buzzy Bees 2-3 year olds,
Ladybirds 3-5 year olds.
Plus during Holiday times we have a Hoilday club.

Thanks for considering Happidayz Child Care Nursery for Your Child, we aim to Please!