Help With Childcare Costs-Nursery Prospectus-Page8

Help With Childcare Costs-Nursery Prospectus-Page8

Tax credits,
Working Tax credits,
Childcare Vouchers,
Sure Start,

You name it,we’ll do our very best to help!

Childcare in a top class nursery is not as expensive as people think!

Do you know that we have kept our prices down for almost 6 years now, just to make your decision to come to Happidayz  even easier as we do everything we can to help with Childcare Costs.

UPDATE: Help with Childcare Costs – We KNOW in 2013 that Happidayz is extremely competitive and great value for money as Our Childcare Fees are one of the lowest in South Yorkshire.

Don’t get me wrong, we don’t keep our prices low as a bait to catch you, no, our prices are what we consider to be fair and most importantly affordable to you the Parent.

You do want to benefit from going to work right, so why choose expensive childcare that takes it straight out of your pocket.

Trina and Nicola will help you on all benefits and help is available to make your Child’s stay in Nursery a financially safe time for you!

We understand there are times when you find it hard to pay your Childcare fees, if that is ever a concern for you, please speak with Tina the owner directly. Just explain the reason you are late with payment or expect to be late with payment and Tina will make a special arrangement for you to get through that difficult period. She’s very understanding.

Why not Make A Relaxed and Informal Visit To Happidayz Nursery?

We think you’ll be glad you came!

See what Happidayz is all about, come see how we can help you and your Child.

Talk in complete confidence with Trina and find out how she can help you to claim the maximum benefits you are entitled to, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

I hope this Nursery Prospectus has answered all your questions. If you would like more information, please visit us online again or call Trina for a no obligation informal chat.

CLICK To CALL: 01709560303

Ask Trina about “Help with Childcare Costs

Thanks and see you soon.

Happidayz Nursery
S60 1HH
South Yorkshire

Tel: 01709 560303

Main Contact: Trina – Manager or Nicola Deputy Manager


Help with Childcare Costs

P.S. Most Parents who visit us at Happidayz Nursery are amazed at how big the rooms are and how great our Staff work with the Children. Why not come see for yourself?

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