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Equal Opportunities Child Care and Child Protection


Happidayz Nursery has a real responsibility to each and every Child in Preschool. Any cause for concern and our Child Protection Policy overrides our confidentiality policy and we are committed to informing Social Services.

Happidayz Nursery is committed to the promotion of positive attitudes towards Multi-Cultural issues and people of different racial groups.

We do not tolerate negative attitudes in our caring establishment towards the full implementation of Equal Opportunities.

We strive to ensure total equality for all at Happidayz Nursery and to make new people to our country fit in and feel welcome.

We see all children as having equal rights and should be treated as such, this is why we believe the Nursery functions in harmony for all our Parents, Guardians and Children in the local community.

Policies And Procedures

Our policies and procedures files are in every room and are also available in the
offices where Parents are welcome to view them at any time.

Child Protection

Child protection is very important here at Happidayz Nursery

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