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Sickness And Illness at Nursery


We aim to help guard Children and all Adults from Infectious diseases.

The Nursery reserves the right to refuse admission to any Child who appears unwell on arrival at the nursery.

Therefore Parents are asked for their co-operation in keeping sick Children at home to reduce the spread of Sickness And Illness at Nursery.

As it is the Childs place that is being reserved, you will be required to pay fees for occasional absences, as each Childs place is precious and linked to their own Key worker.

The Nursery should be notified if a Child is going to be absent for any length of time
(a doctor’s note may be required)

Sickness And Illness at Nursery

We have a policy in place for Sickness and Diarrhea which can occur frequently throughout the Nursery Year.
If a Child or Staff member contracts Sickness and Diarrhea, then that Child or Staff Member must wait 48 hours at home to ensure the bug is cleared from their system before coming back into Nursery. This rule applies to everyone.


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