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Holiday Club


Holiday Club Field Trip Fun

When Schools break up for half term and full term, we cater for the Parents and Guardians who still have to go to work or cannot get time off with our Holiday Club

Our Kids activities school holiday club caters for your Children while you work, making sure the Children have plenty to occupy them throughout the day.

We run our Holiday Club with lots of different activities for the kids. This fun day starts at 8am, closes at 6pm.

There are many interesting and varied things the Children do during these hours.

The Children are allowed to give lots of input into what They would like to do, which makes it more fun for them and far more enjoyable.

Summer time is especially fun as field trips are arranged in advance, and Children have some really great days out!

Call Trina or Nicola for an informal chat about our Holiday Club

CLICK To CALL: 01709560303

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