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Key Worker System

Staff bonding with Child

Staff bonding with Child

We operate a System at Happidayz where each Child is assigned a member of Staff. That Staff member will meet the needs of that particular Child. That member of Staff will work with the Child closely and be mindful of that Childs needs, wants and ongoing development as part of the child development programme, ensuring there is proper use of planning for a stimulating day for the Child.

The Staff will build a close and trusting relationship with the Child and ensure the Child feels secure, confident, happy, and a valued individual. This then instills confidence in the Staff member from the Child, thus putting the Child at ease and relaxing and enjoying their day in Nursery, Staff try to create a strong bond with each Child in their care to quickly settle that Child into the Nursery setting.

What will this ensure?

We are fully committed to the continual improvement of Child development and Child education, providing Parents with information concerning their Child’s development and progress.
How is this accomplished?

Daily sheets are provided with the younger Children to let the Parent know what their Child has done throughout the day. Includes things like nappy changes, what meals the Child had eaten, if they were happy, upset, or sleepy during the day, so the Parent gets a better understanding of their Childs likes and dislikes while in nursery.

Happidayz staff teach Children to have respect and tolerance for their environment and also for others within that environment. In nursery the key worker system is so closely associated with each Child, that the child learns to interact with other Children in a more respectful and sharing way. Children will be taught to share and not be selfish or spiteful as is often the case when a Child meets others their own age and has never had to timeshare toys with others. The Child learns to respect the toys, play things and Staff too, so that they learn a sense of value and can pass that knowledge onto their sibling/s when at home, learning to share there as well, therefore creating a stronger bond at home.

How The System blends into the Nursery itself

Key Worker

Key Worker for each Child

Each room within Happidayz is of ample size to accommodate the Children of varying age groups that are registered for that area. The Nursery is well equipped for the Children for both learning and play learning. We rotate activities throughout the day to keep the Children interested and also to provide new challenges for them to learn from, with special learning topics such as seasonal interaction, in art, creative design and role playing. This is why the Key Worker System works so well as each Child has a quick point of contact when they need help or have an urgent question they need answering. We therefore are happy to provide appropriate space, facilities and equipment for Indoor and Outdoor play activities.

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The Key Worker System works extremely well and we are very happy to continue implementing it in Nursery…