Holiday Clubs – Happidayz

Holiday Clubs – Happidayz

Looking for somewhere for your kids to go during the Holiday Periods when you have to work?

I’m amazed that Parents like yourself struggle finding a safe Holiday Club when you don’t have to…

Why?… well maybe it’s because schools don’t know, that one of the best “Holiday Clubs – Happidayz” is located very close to the Rotherham Town Centre and is called Happidayz Nursery.

Nursery? wait! Before you jump to conclusions, you should know that Happidayz Holiday Club has cared for Holiday Clubbers since 2000 and likes to vary the schedules for Kids so they never get bored. The kids get to have a good selection of food on the menus and Happidayz has a 5 Star hygiene rating so we know the food is properly prepared, thanks to our cook June 🙂

Holiday Clubs – Happidayz


Holiday Club Field Trip Fun

Day trips, Bowling, Park and Playground visits, plus lots of indoor activities when the “Sun don’t Shine”, ensure all the Kids enjoy themselves. It’s also a chance for your Child to meet and make new friends while you are busy with your work or DIY activities.

How Much? Holiday Club prices vary considerably, but

Holiday Clubs – Happidayz

Holiday Clubs – Happidayz

Pirates at Happidayz, no, not in the Carribean

tries to meet the needs of each individual and Parents needs. Therefore pricing is either by the hour or daily.

So if you are a Parent or Guardian that needs a Service that you can rely on, why not call The Nursery Manager and chat about your individual Holiday Club needs…She’s very helpful, understanding, polite and will do her best to meet your needs.

TAP To CALL:click-to-call-happidayz -07109560303

Call The Nursery Manager on 01709 560303 (the number above) from 9-5pm Monday to Friday…except Good Friday and Easter Monday as that’s her time off from the Nursery.

For details of where Holiday Club at Happidayz is located, you can check out our Google Map

Till next time…

See you soon at our Holiday Club at Happidayz