2-3 Year Olds-Terrible Twos-BuzzyBee Room Happidayz Rotherham

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2-3 Year Olds

BuzzyBee Room at Happidayz Nursery in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, UK.

This room is for the “Terrible Twos” or 2-3 year olds to play learn and have fun. The BuzzyBee Room has lots of great activities as portrayed in the video.

Children love it here in the 2-3 year olds room and start to grow in independence and confidence throughout the year. Staff work hard in this room as the Childrens personalities are strong and provide moments of sheer pleasure.
The room is divided into two areas.

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The Main room has the dry play activities where Children can play and learn, sing and dance, role play in the home corner and dress up with play costumes. There is an area in the top corner of the room for Children who need to sleep during the day to replenish themselves for the other activities in the day.

The second area of the 2 year olds room is for “Wet and Messy Play”. Here the Children can be very creative doing art work on the paint easel, making collage pictures with an assortment of materials and glue, or simply playing in the water and sand trays, (which they absolutely love to do!).

The 2-3 year olds also go outside for Outdoor Play at set times to get plenty of fresh air, and this allows them to really let off any steam they have, as they can play on slides, with hula hoops, ride bikes or play ball games and so on.

We have a Greenhouse in the Spring and Summer months where we encourage the Children to plant their own crops and feed and water them when they go outside to play, giving them the chance to see how things grow.

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