FREE Nursery Places in Rotherham

Now available for 2 Year Olds, 3 Year Olds and 4 Year Olds at  a  “Good Ofsted registered nursery” in Masbrough called Happidayz Nursery.

At the end of last term we had Children of 4 and 5 years old leave to go to Full-Time schooling. As we have done for the last thirteen years, we threw a party for them to enjoy and say goodbye to all of them. Yes there were some tears, (mainly from Parents and Staff), but the Children had a GREAT TIME!

Below you can see some photos of the time they had at the “Leavers Party”, grabbed from our Facebook page. If you click through to take a look at our Facebook page you will see lots of things the Children have done during their time at Happidayz Nursery.

Here are the photos…

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So now we have FREE Nursery Places in Rotherham at Happidayz Nursery for Children looking to have a Great experience at Nursery everyday.

If you have a 2 Year Old come down and take a look at what Happidayz has to offer. There will be a video  for the Buzzy Bee Room (2 Year Olds) that you can see on this website very soon. You can ask us anything you like about Happidayz Nursery, Staff, Kids Meals, Play or anything that you need to know.
We have a video of our 3-4 year olds room the “Ladybird Room” available to view by clicking this link.
Our 3  and 4 year olds grow in confidence daily as we know it is a strong grounding for them to leave with as they enter full-time eudcation.

Read our most recent “Good Ofsted Report” and you’ll see why we are a “Good Ofsted registered nursery

IF you would like to speak to someone for more info or to book a Visit to Happidayz Nursery, give us a call on the number below.
Look forward to seeing you soon,

Trina (Happidayz Nursery Manager)

CLICK To CALL: 01709560303