1-2 year olds-Toddler Room-Buttercups-Happidayz Rotherham

Welcome to our 1 year to 2 year olds room, enjoy your visit.

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This video shows the 1-2 year old Toddler Room, known as the Buttercup Room which cares for Children who are beginning to explore much more as they are able to walk, run and play more than they used to.

We see Children develop their personalities much more as they explore their emotional side in front of Staff. The Children really enjoy their time in this room. They have a comfortable area where they can sleep to recharge their energy or a large play area if they don’t want to rest.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a Wall. Can you sing this Nursery Rhyme?

A B C D E F G, do you know the rest of the Alphabet?

A jolly good time at the Seaside.

Incy Wincy Spider climbed up the water spout. Toddlers love to learn nursery rhymes.

Time for a sleep, this is calm and quite, lovely!

Everything a toddler needs for a great Beach Party!

We like to make it special for Children to enjoy their Birthday by boarding the “Birthday Train”

They give us lots to smile about our “Cheeky Monkeys”

Our 1 year olds absolutely love to be constructive, and like to demolish too 🙂

Where the toddlers make themselves at home.

Our 1 year old Toddler Room Beach Party is waiting to get underway!

1-2 year olds-Toddler Room-Buttercups-Happidayz Rotherham, UK

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