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Holiday Club at Magna Science Adventure Centre

Holiday Club at Magna Science Adventure Centre

Felix Baumgartner Capsule and Happidayz Hoilday Club at Magna

Felix Baumgartner Capsule and Happidayz Hoilday Club at Magna Science Adventure Centre

The Holiday Club Kids had a special day out to visit “Magna Science Adventure Centre” with our Staff. There were some really great things to do and amazing displays for them to see. One included the Guiness Book of Records capsule from Felix Baumgartner, the Man to jump freefall and parachute from the highest height any human has ever jumped from before, Amazing! The Children were very gald they had such a Great Day Out.

Adventure at Magna for Happidayz Holiday Club Kids

Adventure at Magna for Happidayz Holiday Club Kids

  Glee Cast

Photos from our Children’s Nursery in Rotherham, featuring the Baby Room, Toddler Room, 2 year olds, 3 and 4 year olds Rooms

Hello… I’m Trina, The Manager at Happidayz our Children’s Nursery in Rotherham.

Need Childcare?

Are you worried how well Your Child will be cared for while in nursery?

Do you need to return to work or re-train to keep Your standard of living where You want it to be?

Looking for a Nursery where you know your Child will be looked after properly with Low Staff to Child Ratios?

Or do You simply want Your Child to meet some great new friends and have a fun time in a childcare nursery in rotherham that cares about your Child?

Well look no further as we have loaded this Website with lots of information for You to make an informed decision and to help put your mind at ease where your childs nursery needs are concerned.

Following is our online Prospectus which we hope gives you a clear overview and understanding of how Happidayz is run and hopefully answers ALL your questions when choosing a children’s nursery in rotherham.

If after checking us out you feel you need more information, then just give us a call:

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and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and even arrange an informal visit for you to see first hand how the Nursery might fill your childs daycare needs.

Kids have fun at Happidayz Nursery in Rotherham

We are a 108 place Childcare Nursery in Rotherham, catering for Children from birth to thirteen years of age, (there’s a Holiday Club too). We have six rooms on three levels.

Day Care Nurseries in Rotherham should be Ofsted Registered

We are Ofsted inspected and a copy of the report is available on request, or by visiting this link at Good Ofsted Reports in Rotherham for Happidayz Nursery

It is very important to ensure day care nurseries in rotherham comply with National recognised bodies such as Ofsted,  NDNA and Early Years to give You the Parent peace of mind when choosing the “Best Childcare Nursery in Rotherham” for Your Child.

Parental Choice, not many Parents know this, but it is something we think is VERY Important!

If you really care for your Child then You should consider RATIOS to be very important, why, because Ratios can help to combat Bullying in Nursery, one of the biggest problems in School. In School the ratios may be 1 teacher to 16, 20 or even 30 Children, leaving no room for Your Child to receive the special care they may need with things like, toileting, eating meals or outdoor play.

Parental choice will allow You to choose Good Private Day Care Nurseries in Rotherham that can put Your mind at ease, when choosing Childcare for Your Child.

Private Day Care Nurseries in Rotherham

Private Nurseries in Rotherham have Ofsted set Ratios that ensure Your Child gets far more attention during the day, therefore helping Your Child to grow in ALL areas with confidence! In a nutshell, “We Care More about Your Child”, don’t believe me? Come down to Happidayz Nursery and see for Yourself!

Remember Parental Choice is Your choice, don’t be told you have to send them to School or you’ll loose your place, that’s not true, it is Your Parental choice where Your Child schools up to the age of “Five Year Old” entry into School. At age Five, Schools have to have a place for Your Child in Your catchment area, so now You know why we wanted You to know that Parental Choice is very important to YOU!

Happidayz childcare nursery in rotherham is located close to the Town Centre, 2 minutes from Millmoor (Rotherhams OLD Football Ground/ 4 Minutes from NEW YORK Stadium, (Home of the MILLERS).

Fees vary with age for childcare and the sessions required, these can be obtained from myself Trina or Nicola the Deputy Manager, and you will find our childcare fees are “one of the lowest in the UK”.

A visit to the Happidayz  Children’s Nursery in Rotherham is highly recommended.

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Children's Nursery in Rotherham

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Our Kids have fun at our Nursery in Rotherham, so do we..the Staff.

Happidayz Children’s Nursery in Rotherham

Enjoy your visit here at Happidayz Nursery in Rotherham.You may also be interested in this page for “Toddlers 1 to 2 year olds”

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P.S. Our Childcare Nursery in Rotherham at Happidayz also offers Free Daycare and our Day Care Costs will be a Very pleasant surprise!